Saturday, 30 August 2014

Incy Wincy Spider

'Learn 4 School' with Incy Wincy
One of the FUN 'Learn 4 School' themes this term has been 'INCY WINCY SPIDER'.

We have a great time exploring nursery rhymes at 'Learn 4 School'.  So much great learning is achieved through a nursery rhyme.

A very important part of our learning program is the development of 'Phonemic Awareness'.

PHONEMIC AWARENESS is essential for reading competence.  The student needs to be able hear the individual sounds or 'phonemes' that words are made up of.  They also need to manipulate these sounds and hear rhyme and syllables.  They need to manipulate the sounds in words, for example: /mat/ into /pat/.  The children need to break apart the sounds in words and hear that words are made up of different phonemes.

We use our Nursery Rhyme as the basis for this program.
As a class we sing/read the nursery rhyme with actions to ensure that the students know the structure of this rhyme.

We then break the nursery rhyme into it's verses, and present this using both the corresponding graphic from our resource and the written words.

While reinforcing the rhyme with this resource, we give great attention to hearing the rhyme sound in each of these verses.

At the completion of using the graphic and words resource, we discuss the sequence of the rhyme with the students.  We offer the graphic only cards to the students in dis-ordered array to re-order the rhyme.

This resource also comes with the verses in written text only, we don't use this with the students in the 'Learn 4 School' class, but this is a great extension for students who are working at the higher level.
While we teach the nursery rhyme, we are reinforcing rhyme and sequence.  We are also able to reinforce the students skill to manipulate the consonant at the beginning of the rhyming word.  We use the rhyme flashcards to practice hearing rime family words.

Students love learning through nursery rhymes.  They are a fantastic phonemic awareness teaching tool as they are usually an already known literature source.

When we have completed all of the nursery rhymes in our Nursery Rhyme set - Incy Wincy Spider, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle and Little Miss Muffet, we then increase the students phonemic awareness skills by playing the nursery rhyme games.

Rhyme Grid Bingo
This is an easy matching game where students can practice their turn taking skills as well as their rhyme matching.

Find the Rhyme Bingo

The students have to have higher rhyming skills for this game, as they have to decide if the card they are using is a match to the rhyme on their baseboard.

Memory Match

This game requires the students to independently find the words that match using the 'memory match' format.

All of these colourful hands-on learning resources are available fully prepared:

This structured and sequential program is just one of the fun ways that we explore this well loved nursery rhyme.  The children love our craft and hands on learning activities that include fine motor skills and number skills of position, counting with one to one correspondence, and numeral recognition.  The 'Learn 4 School' program develops the foundation skills necessary to establish



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