Thursday, 11 September 2014

Learning Numerals the ED Specially 4U way

Using the ED Specially 4U number cards-, allows our students so many interesting learning opportunities.  We have a strong philosophy of 'hands on' learning using concrete objects.  These activities are enhanced through the use of our number cards.

Numeral flashcards 1-20 use our unique ED Specially 4U colour system.  Each numeral has been given it's own colour which is then used throughout all of our numeracy resources.  Students are able to use the additional colour cue for visual reinforcement of the number.  This set also includes numbers on a white background, so that the learning programs can gradually fade the use of the colour cue.

First step to learning numerals with ED Specially 4U:  

We introduce the numerals by matching

(for the parents of our School Readiness Program, this is particularly well used in our 'Learn 4 School' classes as the initial step to numeracy acquisition)

Step 2, 

to consolidate the students skills and ensure they have formed understanding of the numerals 1-10

this part of learning about numerals is SOOOOO FUN
The 1-10 memory match game is lots of fun to reinforce the numeral learning.  We play this game at this point by only matching the numeral cards to the numeral cards.  Kids love to try to find the MOST pairs!!

Who doesn't enjoy singing these songs and reinforcing our numerals at the same time!
5 Little Ducks
6 Little Ducks
5 Little Speckled Frogs
5 Cheeky Monkeys

5 Red Apples
10 in the Bed

A small look at teaching teen numerals at our 'Ready 4 School', school readiness program
We believe in explicitly teaching the numerals to develop a deeper understanding of numbers 
'from the beginning'
Thank you to Ms Victoria and the Wednesday morning School Readiness Class
Using the number cards we are able to teach sequencing skills of the numerals

This fun sequencing game - TRAIN SEQUENCING, is very popular in our classes
Children enjoy putting the velcro numerals into the correct sequence for  
                                                       numerals 1-20
              To introduce our students to writing numerals we do lots of fine motor preparation.
Students use playdough to strengthen their fingers and create a hands on numeral experience
These clever people were able to copy the numerals 1-10 using the numeral cards as a model.
They then use the fine motor cards to practice writing the numerals

Don't forget the fabulous sensory activity of shaving cream writing

and numeral stamping

When our students are able to correctly recognise and name the numerals it is great fun to add the 'Dinosaur Number Bingo' game to our teaching
We love extending our numeral knowledge by using the 'Number Smart Mat' by Smart Kids to reinforce numerals 1-30
  (photo from the product)

There are so many great activities to reinforce numeral skill development.  We believe in using as many hands on/concrete learning materials as possible, however we also believe in consolidating our students' learning with worksheet reinforcement.  This blog is only a brief overview of ways that we teach numerals, and we will speak later about how we teach number concepts of counting with one to one correspondence, and counting to a given number group, as well as how we teach the deeper understanding of numerals and number groups .....(again just to name a few) but that is for another blog.......... Don't forget to visit the website to view all of our products to teach numeral recognition.

I hope you have enjoyed reading how we develop our students skills

For the Love of Learning


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