Tuesday, 12 August 2014

For the Love of Learning

For the Love of Learning; 
we love teaching and learning experiences
Assisting our students to love learning is an absolute privilege
      ED Specially 4U are School Readiness and Literacy Tutoring Specialists based in Sydney, Australia

What do we offer:
After seven years delivering fantastic learning programs, we are very proud of variety that we offer. 

Our ongoing program is designed to assist the child as they grow:

Learn 4 School—3-4 years

Ready 4 School: 4-6 years

K-2: Literacy program

Individual Literacy Tutoring programs

Learning with Confidence
Our learning motto is clear through all aspects of teaching that we offer:
Confidence in learning for our students and their parents. 
Students ‘learn with confidence’ to ensure confidence at School

ED Specially 4U programs develop CONFIDENT students.

Our School Readiness Classes offer:
· Phonic instruction,· Phonemic Awareness (the sounds of language),· Number concepts that develop a deeper understanding of numbers,· Craft,· Comprehension,· Sight Words,· Songs,· Games

K-2 programs offer:
· Phonic instruction,· Phonemic Awareness (the sounds of language),· Craft,· Fine Motor Activities,· Writing in text types,· Grammar & Sentence Structure,· Comprehension,· Sight Words, 

What makes ED Specially 4U unique?
There are many reasons why our program feedback is so positive.
· Our program is unique in it’s original format.  We believe in teaching through concrete learning     experiences, not rote learning or learning from booklets.  We use multi-sensory resources which teach by colour, shape and graphic.  Our resources are mostly hand made—and children feel motivated by the appearance and texture of the resources. 
· Our program is FUN.  We use songs, games and craft to strengthen our teaching—children do not know they are learning, they just love coming to ED Specially 4U.
· Our teachers are FABULOUS.  Teachers are chosen and trained based on the ED Specially 4U philosophy.  We genuinely enjoy being with the children that we teach, and we have fun teaching the programs.  We are so lucky to have a staff of such professional, happy and kind people.  Our students share this admiration for the ED Specially 4U teachers, and we  receive constant feedback about each of the teachers personally, who have touched the hearts of so many students.
· We have a philosophy of personalised teaching.  We keep class sizes small so that we can get to know the students well.  We are able to discuss our students progress, as well as making recommendations to get further professional assessments if necessary.  We work closely with the parents of our students, so that they are confident in understanding their child’s academic abilities.
· The program is written by primary school teachers who are trained in explicit language and literacy teaching strategies and techniques.  The program is written based on teaching experience with children of all ability levels and ages.

We look forward to meeting you - whether it is with your child at one of our classes, as a friend on our blog, instagram, facebook or pinterest pages, or even as a teacher using one of our resources in your classroom- we look forward to sharing 'For the Love of Learning'


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